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Space Event Timer

The Space grade Eventech Event Timer (EET) is a compact (130x130 mm) radiation hardened environmentally tested time-tagging module, which is characterized by high accuracy (5-7 ps RMS resolution of time-tags) and practically unlimited measurement range. The method relies on very simple electronic hardware, which made it possible to find the RadHard components for its realization. The EET has two measurement inputs, PPS (Pulse per Second) input, and 10MHz reference input. That allows using the module not only as time interval measurement device (LiDAR, planetary altimetry, Deep Space Optical Communication, Navigation, etc.) but as a true event timer that can produce time-tags associated with the UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) for Time Transfer and time distribution or similar applications. The module is controlled by an on-board computer/microcontroller via a parallel interface (can be Ethernet, SpaceWire). It is possible to miniaturize timer to ASIC or to hybrid circuit based on die-free chips.

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