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Laser Altimetry for Space Applications
Laser Altimetry is the direct extension of the highly developed Ranging technique, involving laser mapping of specific target areas, as for landing sites or land (resources) mapping & management, etc.

In 2016 Eventech was awarded with ESA contract for technology transfer for space applications and in 2017 was introduced by ESA to Neptec UK Ltd. (current MDA UK Ltd.), who invited Eventech to ESA & Roscosmos moon mission “Luna-27” to build TDC for Neptec LiDAR system. The reason is that there are no <10ps TDC available on the space market and only Eventech solution can be applied even though only EQM was finalized as a result of Eventech ESA contract. The conventional design of Eventech Event Timer made it possible to easily integrate it into the Neptec LiDAR and successfully test it.

Currently, Eventech is working for ESA with EFACEC (Pt) supplying a space-qualified Event Timer processor for a HELENA Laser altimeter, foreseen to fly aboard the HERA spacecraft foreseen for Asteroid mapping. Evenetch will provide the LIDAR and Altimeter specified Timing Module (LSTM) Engineering Model, based on the Qualification Model MPET (ESA Contract No. 4000115326/15/NL/Nde with Eventech Ltd), to satisfy the requirements of size and power consumption for Planetary Altimeter HELENA Project by moving the technology of interpolation and input commutation inside the FPGA, preserving high standards of the original Timer’s precision.

Laser Imaging for Space Applications
Combination of an Array-detector with a Scanning or Flash LiDAR is an important perspective application for Eventech Event timer: the picosecond accuracy/resolution combined with a small (≈ nsec) dead time allows for photon time tagging with the high signal-to-noise ratio. Eventech is funding, as part of his R&D program development for an Imaging lidar for envisaged space applications. This will be the 1st demonstration of time tagging picosecond technique for an imaging lidar.

Clock Distribution & Synchro in Free Space (e.g. among Satellites)
For Optical and RF Telecom satellites, the Eventech timer can relax the Ground Stations requirements in terms of density and coverage by providing in Orbit picosecond precision/accuracy clock distribution for timing and synchronization. An internal study is looking at the Trade-offs for this type of application.

Quantum Communication
Exploiting Eventech timer unique performance characteristics allows to use it as a precious tool for many quantum optical measurements via Coincidence Correlation or Time tagging. Again, interferometric optical schemes as used for other envisaged application can be used: here specifically with the Hanbury Brown Twiss interferometer. Unique measurements capabilities can be applied here for:

➢ QKD (key distribution)
➢ QDS (digital signature)
➢ QE (entanglement)
➢ QT (Teleportation)
➢ QIP (Information processing)
➢ Photon Antibunching (identifying single-photon-emitter)

Eventech engineers and experts can discuss specific customer’s requirements and needs.