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TimeTag.Space offers a space-grade timing device for embedding into systems/subsystems to provide a new level of accuracy in time tagging in space applications and sensors:

  1. One-shot distance measurement:

    • laser altimetry (e.g. docking, landing, navigation),

    • laser imaging (e.g. machine vision);

  2. Clock distribution & synchro in free space (e.g. among Satellites);

  3. laser communication by pulse-position modulation;

  4. Quantum communication.

The device can serve multiple tasks simultaneously.

Major Milestones

  • 2016                ESA R&D contract

  • 2017                ESA Moon mission “Luna-27”

  • 2018                Space Drone mission 

  • 2019                ESA contract to miniaturize the Space Timer

  • May 2019         Winner on the Pitch competition at Satellite 2020

  • August 2019      Foundation of TimeTag.Space

  • 2020                ESA’s Hera Mission.

  • February 2020    Foundation of Space.TimeTag KG Austria    

  • March 2020       Joining the ESA BIC Austria

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