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TimeTag.Space is a very accurate time tagging and synchronization company which enhances functionality of satellites and spacecrafts.

Our space grade time of flight (TOF) technology provides extreme accuracy single-shot measurements for space LiDAR, 3D altimetry, as well as is adjustable for data transfer and time synchronization for satellite constellations which replaces atomic clock.

All functions in 1 device allow for minimization of costs and weight, increase payload options and significantly increase satellite performance.


TimeTag.Space is a spin-off company, which emerged as a result of several R&D projects in the last years by Eventech company (www.eventechsite.com) based on 40+ years of terrestrial technology heritage (accurate event timing registration for Satellite Laser Ranging approved by NASA International Laser Ranging Service) to develop space application direction of the technology and enter international space markets. We have already raised recognition at European level and our goal is to enter US market as well to find first partners, customers and subsequent funding.


Our partners

MDA UK (Maxar company) is existing partner of TimeTag.Space, who is going to use our technology for moon mission “Luna-27” for landing altimetry purposes. In addition to that MDA UK purchased 2 space timer licenses for SPACE DRONE™ commercial mission with Effective Space.


DIGOS is building next Generation SLR station for European Space Agency by using latest technologies, as well as our Time Tagging technology.

Approach & Applications

Primary technology applications are:

  • Accurate measurements for space LiDAR (TOF, backscattering – clouds, aerosols, etc.)

  • Space altimetry

  • Debris tracking systems

  • Landing navigation

  • Atomic clock substitution for time synchronisation and distribution (constellation systems)

  • High speed deep space optical communications

  • Accurate signal registration in sensor systems to provide time stamps



Pavels Razmajevs

Chief Operations Officer

email: p.razmajevs@eventechsite.com

Phone: +371 20385066