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We have developed offers for different customer segments depending on the entry point to the market, because our technology is versatile, adjustable and space grade development level.


TimeTag.Space technology is targeted at several customer segments in satellite and mission spacecraft domains:

1) owners of satellite constellations – our offer is to enhance functionality of all constellation with synchronization features to reduce costs on atomic clocks and other necessary technology for accurate time synchronization, and we can develop additional functionality depending on the tasks of the constellation (space LiDAR, altimetry, data transfer) thus providing an all in one solution to reduce costs and weight of the individual systems onboard;

2) producers for satellite constellation owners – our offer is to provide the producers with the working system, which is currently unavailable at the market, which we know not only from market research, but also from support of our development by ESA, who introduce us to current EU and international level missions, where TimeTag.Space technology is necessary and there’s no alternative for the tasks described in point 1 above. This allows external producers (not working in-house) to offer their ready solution against call or order of the satellite constellation owner;

3) suppliers of subsystems for producers – since very rarely all subsystems are developed in-house either by constellation owner production department or external producer, very often there are multiple subsystem suppliers in one project, this is where we can also offer to be one of subcontractors not taking part in the project directly, but supplying the necessary technology license or equipment according to the technical specification. We have previous successful experience in selling already 2 space licenses for space LiDAR systems for SpaceDrone mission by Effective Space and MDA;


4) producers of single satellite systems (universities, startups, research projects, specific space missions) - TimeTag.Space is open for different types of collaboration including smaller projects or individual missions, where combination of current industrial and scientific knowledge can be combined with partners to develop additional features, which can then be introduced to commercial space, or to design a specific system for a smaller company, which wants to launch an satellite with specific functionality and/or to build own constellation in the future.